Mass downloader for your browser

ArrowDL is a Free & Open-source software that helps you to download all links, pictures, videos from Youtube [1] and other video sites, — Peer-to-peer — BitTorrent files [2], and other media you find on the Web.

It’s called a “mass” download manager, because it helps you to select, organize, prioritize and run your downloads in parallel:

  • Collect images, music, documents, files
  • Download Youtube [1] — and other video sites
  • Peer-to-peer BitTorrent [2]
  • Manage and prioritize the queue
  • Stop, pause, resume downloads
  • Recreate the same sub-directories as the web page
  • Batch Rename, Open and Move downloaded items

You can find the source code for this application at: setvisible /ArrowDL

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