Introducing Torrents

Introducing Torrents

ArrowDL version 2.0.0 is now able to download .torrent files.

Why a torrent manager?

After implementing a web page content crawler, then a kind of RegExp downloader for batch file downloading, and recently a video streaming downloader, why not adding a new feature in order to download peer-to-peer things like torrents?

So there is.

Indeed, good torrent downloaders have a problem: they are mostly shareware / closed-source software. History is full of solution providers that use their torrent application to mine bitcoins without user consent, polluting the UI with advertising banners, or simply collect the users data to resell it to marketing agencies, crackers and maybe policing government institutions.

In the FOS (free and open-source) world, there are not tons of choices. So ArrowDL is a new way to enjoy torrents again. The technology behind the peer-to-peer concept is very exciting to explore, and open so many opportunities.

How it ‘s made

ArrowDL uses the library libtorrent, a free and open-source library by Arvid Norberg to download magnet links and .torrent files.


Libtorrent has tons of features. Everything is however customizable in ArrowDL from the Preferences dialog.

There are also 2 presets of settings for lazy people.


See pictures below to know how to use it:

(yes, this is the icon of transmission)

Torrent download

Torrent download

Torrent settings are customizable:

Download torrents