ArrowDL is designed to be usable by everyone including drunk people and 10 years old little guys.

It’s therefore important to us that it is usable outside the English-speaking world.

Like many other open-source projects, we are crowd-sourcing the translation effort, so if you want to help people in your community to be able to play with it in your language, please consider joining the translation effort.

Look at the translation project page on Transifex.

Current translations

A dozen of languages have been already inserted.

I read on a random blog that you can reach 83% of the world’s population by providing your app in English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Arabic and German.

Dunno if it’s true. Anyway, it’s the beginning.

Want a new translation?

If you want a new language, just create an issue on Github.

Current status

Cool fact: Transifex gives a couple of widgets to observe the translation effort.

At the moment it’s a bit desperate because everything is at 0% of progress, but at least it won’t become worse.

List of supported languages and translation efforts:

Top translations

Translations effort page

Detailed Chart:

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