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Advanced Setup

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Manual Instructions

  1. First, install the application:

    1. Download ArrowDL portable or installer here

    2. Unzip

  2. Then, install the web extension:

    1. Install ArrowDL add-on on the web browser

    2. Go to the install directory of the Application (ArrowDL), and follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt

    3. Then, to verify the install, go to “Options” in the WebExtension interface in your Web Browser. It should tell you if it’s correctly connected with the Application.

Web Browser Addon

Choose the browser:

logo logo logo
Click here to intall ArrowDL for Mozilla Firefox Click here to intall ArrowDL for Google Chrome Click here to intall… Just kidding

Portable Archives

Download the latest release

The latest release is available here

GitHub release

Choose your plateform

Choose the most relevant version for your computer. The next table explains the differences between the packages.




  • Not available yet

Source Code

Latest release build status

Platform Status
Windows/Linux/MacOS Built with GitHub Actions

Older releases

Click here to see the previous releases


  1. The MSVC version uses the Chromium engine that parses HTML and Javascript. The MinGW version is more basic, it uses Google Gumbo, that parses HTML only, not Javascript. Note: The MSVC version has been decommissioned on Windows, only GCC (aka MinGW) remains. Maintaining 2 builds was really time-consuming. 

  2. Prefer the Tarball if you are on Linux. The AppImage can only run ArrowDL, unfortunately the launcher can’t be used here. That’s why the filename is suffixed with ‘_no_launcher’. In other words, your web browser can’t launch the application.